Potential new target for treatment of spinal muscular atrophy discovered

Category: Healthcare News

For the first time, scientists found that in spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the affected nerve cells that control muscle movement, or motor neurons, have defects […]

Improved function seen long-term after ankle fracture fixation

Category: Healthcare News

Few patients who underwent ankle fracture fixation experienced pain or had restricted function and many patients had improved long-term functional scores, despite the presence of […]

After an injury, practicing movements at different speeds improves certain nerve functions

Category: Healthcare News

Changes in one circuit of nerves, but not another, in the spinal cord depend on how quickly muscles must move to complete a task, according […]

Measuring severity of spinal cord injuries

Category: Healthcare News

Injuries to the spinal cord partially or completely disrupt the neural pathways between the brain and the limbs. The consequences for the representation of the […]

Low Star Excursion Balance Test scores linked with risk of ankle sprains in football players

Category: Healthcare News

Recently published results that evaluated high school and collegiate football players during the preseason highlighted lower Star Excursion Balance Test scores for anterior reach as […]


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