Patient Testimonials

Our former patients are really our best resource for validating the effectiveness of our care. Take a look at our testimonials to get an understanding of our success in helping people just like you.

We thank our patients for sharing their experience at Goodlife Physical Therapy. We sincerely appreciate their support and dedication.



“My experience at GoodLife Physical Therapy has been amazing. The decision to come here was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made because of the quality of the physical therapy, but more importantly the people. The people here are what make this place so great. They are all very welcoming, kind, and genuine people!

Mickey is a great physical therapist who is insanely smart and he truly cares about each and every one of his patients. He wants all of his patients to be pain-free and he works hard in order to achieve that. Parul is a sweetheart. She is one of the kindest people I know and makes we feel right at home whenever you come here!

The people here at Goodlife Physical Therapy are what separate them from any other physical therapy facility. I truly trust all the great people at Goodlife and I am so happy I met them!


“I have been going to Goodlife Physical Therapy for about 3 years. During my 3 years there I have made lasting memories and friends with the people there. The staff is one of a kind who always puts a smile on your face and makes you feel better about your injury. I have had many injuries throughout my time with them. They always educate me on what was wrong and what was the best way to fix it. I have complete faith in them with any injury I have had or will have.

I had a torn ACL and was very scared that I would not be able to play in my upcoming football season. Mickey worked with me around the clock and always encouraged me to keep going, even though there were times when I wanted to quit. With Mickey’s help I was able to secure my starting spot on the defensive line. After I successfully recovered and entered my football season, I began to feel lonely because I missed the people and the feel of Goodlife Physical Therapy.

I am currently doing their injury prevention program, which focuses on making sure you have perfect technique. Even though I have my grumpy days, they still work hard with me. I’ve greatly noticed that my speed, footwork, and strength have increased. Goodlife Physical Therapy is my home away from home! I feel very welcomes there and the staff is the best around no question asked!”


“I’ve had such a positive experience at Goodlife Physical Therapy for several reasons. I met Mickey on my first visit and found him to be one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. He evaluated my issues and immediately showed me why one type of stretch works and why another does not. He clearly has knowledge of all the current treatments and studies of physical therapy. He makes me feel comfortable during my treatments and makes me laugh too.

I believe what sets Goodlife Physical Therapy apart is their personal rapport with the patients. From the moment you walk in, they greet you with a smile and say hello. Parul has also gone beyond my expectations to help me with my insurance coverage and always wears a smile.

I have been to other therapy places and would highly recommend Goodlife Physical Therapy above any others to anyone who seeks treatment for injuries, contemplating surgery, or just having joint stiffness.”


“I have utilized the physical therapy services of GoodLife Physical Therapy for both my knee and broken shoulder. It has been a successful treatment on both counts. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. During my sessions, I experienced great care and commitment to the end result. I realized how patient orientated this facility really was, it made me feel like I was getting the maximum input to bring me back to my best!

The Director, Dr. Mickey Shah, is extremely knowledgeable and determined to bring all of us expertise to each and every treatment!”


“Over any other place, I would choose GoodLife in a heartbeat! When it came down to choosing where to go for therapy, I had a few choices to pick from. Looking back on it now, I wouldn’t change my decision. I look forward to coming to therapy. Every single person here is amazing. They all have such bright attitudes and always have big smiles on their faces. Right when you walk through the door, you are smiling with them. They make your therapy fun and enjoyable. All of them are such caring people and will do anything to get you back to great health!

When you are here you are guaranteed some laughs, smiles, and inside jokes with all the staff members. I even come back on days I don’t have therapy just to hang out and talk with them. They are all great listeners and you know they truly care. It is such great atmospheres that even if you are having a bad day you will definitely walk out smiling. I am so glad that I decided to come to GoodLife Physical Therapy; I wouldn’t change it for the world. The best of the best work here and I’m so lucky that I have gotten to know them.”


“My experience at GoodLife Physical Therapy has been great. I have been to many different places for physical therapy, and GoodLife was the best by far. Being a competitive soccer player, they prepared me extremely well to get back to playing. They teach you pretty much every exercise because they want you to be able to do it at home or even when you’re done with physical therapy to prevent future injuries. They are all very friendly and helpful while they work with you. Since going to physical therapy at GoodLife, I have not experienced any new injuries and my old ones are basically nonexistent. GoodLife Physical Therapy is great at what they do!”


I have been battling tendonitis in my right elbow for two years. After a few cortisone shots and several months of Physical Therapy with another PT Group, I was seeing absolutely no improvement. My wife finally said I need to try working with Goodlife (Dr. Mickey Shah). Mickey and his staff were absolutely wonderful to work with. After our initial meeting, Mickey sat down with me and explained what we needed to do and why (which was important to me). With Mickey’s aid and his ability to think outside the box I began seeing improvement within the first month of therapy. I am grateful to Mickey and his staff and would definitely recommend Goodlife and especially Dr. Mickey Shah.



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