What is Direct Access?

Do I need a referral for Physical Therapy?

Direct Access refers to the freedom for prospective patients to attend Physical Therapy without an initial prescription.

On August 16, 2018, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed House Bill 4643. This bill allows consumers to begin physical therapy services without a doctor’s referral.

Effective immediately, physical therapists can evaluate clients and determine a treatment plan without an initial referral, speeding the path to relief and healing.

“Physical therapy has been proven effective in treating joint pain and mobility issues,” Rauner said. “Seeing a physical therapist promptly and starting a rehabilitative course of treatment quickly can reduce or eliminate the need for potentially addicting pain medications, and can reduce overall health care costs. This legislation is a win for everyone.”

If you are struggling with an injury that is slowing you down, please don’t wait any longer to start physical therapy.

Goodlife Physical Therapy is pleased to offer direct access to PT services for patients. 

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