Please join us for our next community dizziness and vertigo workshop in March.

This workshop can benefit anyone who has experienced any of the following:

– Spinning when lying down or getting out of bed? 
– Feelings of unsteadiness? 
– Grasping onto the walls to avoid a fall during an episode? 
– Avoiding certain activities because of vertigo or other balance issues?

The estimated number of 2011 US Emergency Dept. visits for dizziness or vertigo was 3.9 million. 

There are options out there to help! 

At the GoodLife Dizziness and Balance workshop we will teach the common causes dizziness and vertigo and the scientific treatments that are available. 

Date: Saturday March 9, 2019

Time: 11am-12:30pm

Location: GoodLife Physical Therapy – 16517 S. 106th Ct. Orland Park, IL 60467

The journey to better starts here! Space is limited, please sign up day.
RSVP Here or at  708-966-4386 

Testimonial: I highly recommend Goodlife Physical Therapy. I received excellent vestibular therapy for vertigo. I was able to resume my daily activities sooner than I anticipated. Wonderful, caring therapists, excellent office. Truly an inspiring experience for vestibular therapy. The best!!!