Neck and Back Pain

“Over any 3-month period, about 25% of Americans will have low back pain.” - moveforwardpt

Managing Neck and Back Pain Through Physical Therapy

can provide you the ability to return to a healthy and pain free lifestyle. 50-80% of the adult population will experience low back pain, and 69% will experience neck pain at some point in their life. Low back and neck pain is common, frequently reoccurring, and long lasting.

Neck and back pain can originate from a variety of structures associated with the spine, potentially causing pain that radiates into the extremities. This pain can result in either a single experience or a combination of tingling, numbness, and weakness. We utilize an orthopedic movement-based assessment to determine what makes you worse, what makes you better, and educate you on how to manage your symptoms for personalized neck and low back pain relief.  By utilizing evidenced-based examination and interventions, our goal is to reduce your pain and allow you to move better during your daily activities without the use of medications.

Orthopedic movement-based assessment includes:

  • Neurological examination
  • Special testing
  • Classification of condition based on symptomatic and mechanical responses

The Doctors of Physical Therapy at Goodlife Physical Therapy will use evidenced-based approaches like MDT and McKenzie method approach, exercise, and mobilizations/manipulations with the emphasis on patient driven interventions to help you manage your pain and not be dependent on a clinician for relief.

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