Other Physical Therapy Specialties

Here are some other Physical Therapy services we offer.

Worker’s Compensation

We offer services including physical therapy and work conditioning to guide the patient in a successful return to work while maintaining consistent and coordinated communication with all parties involved. We also perform functional capacity evaluations (FCE) which can be utilized in determining if the patient is prepared to return to the physical demands of their specific job.

Independent Exercise

This program is offered at our Homer Glen location to any patients who have previously received physical therapy at any of our 3 facilities. This program is designed to allow patients to continue a healthy lifestyle by participating in a regular exercise program. During your participation, our staff will be available for questions and direction while you participate in a safe and appropriate program.

Participation in this program may involve strenuous activity. It must be understood that there is risk of injury when participating in any exercise, sport activity or recreational activity. Participants must assume all risks that may occur as a result of their inclusion in the transitional program.

Your participation in the Independent Exercise Program will require a $50 monthly fee. This monthly program is non-contractual; therefore, refunds are not available. Participants must be 18 years or older and must have clearance from a physician to begin an exercise program. We also require a scheduled physical therapy appointment for a reevaluation every year to ensure your optimal safety and benefit in the program.

Please call us with any further questions about this program.


Have you been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease or pulmonary compromise? Cardiovascular disease and pulmonary compromise can lead to muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass and inactivity, resulting in increased risk for falling and higher mortality rates. The Physical therapists at Functional Therapy and Rehabilitation and Goodlife Physical Therapy can help you with “your journey to better.”

Comprehensive individual programs, set up by our therapists, can help you achieve your goals and return to you to an active lifestyle. Exercise can help to decrease and manage symptoms of difficulty breathing and fatigue related to your condition. We can help you increase your physical activity tolerances and decrease the number “bed days” you experience.

During your initial visit, expect to receive one on one interaction with your physical therapist. An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will be documented. By the end of our session, your therapist will have a clear understanding of your desired goals will begin to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Your “Journey to Better” starts here. We look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals.


Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT): Also known as the McKenzie method is a systematic evaluation that involves direct questions and assessment techniques in order to discover a patient’s root cause of pain. MDT is one of the most researched methods for treating low back pain and there is growing evidence regarding treating pain that originates from areas other than the spine. This system is a patient-centered approach in which there will be frequent reassessments in order to ensure that the exercises, movements, posture and manual therapy are having the appropriate effects. There is strong research indicating that as little as one exercise or movement can rapidly reduce a patient’s symptoms. Finally, therapists trained in this system are able to give the patient an evidence-based prognosis based on his/her response during the first few visits.

Therapists trained and certified in this method completed multiple courses of classroom learning and passed a test demonstrating minimal competence in utilizing the method. Research indicates that patients receiving “Mckenzie Treatments” from a non-certified practitioner may not receive the same effects compared to a therapist certified in treating according to this specialized manner.

For additional information visithttps://www.mckenzieinstituteusa.org/method-patients.cfm

Functional Movement Screen

FMS is a specific screening system which is used to identify physical limitations or asymmetries in individuals reporting no current pain or known musculoskeletal injury. The screen utilizes objective and validated standards to assess 7 movement patterns vital to successful functional movement.

The findings from this assessment will help the therapist in determining the best opportunities to improve movement and the overall training process in order for individuals to achieve their specific goals.

For additional information visit https://www.functionalmovement.com/system/fms

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