Optimize Your Sitting Posture


A large majority of the population spends most of their day in sitting, whether it be at work/class, during their commute, or after the workday relaxing. Prolonged periods of time spent in sitting can lead to poor posture and can place undue stress on different muscles and tissues in our bodies causing neck and/or back pain.

Sitting Posture at WorkStation

Here are a few tips to consider in order to promote better posture at your desk:

  1. Sit up straight, scoot all the way back in the chair
  2. Keep feet flat on the floor or supported
  3. Position ankles in front of the knees
  4. Head positioned in line with shoulders (no strain in neck)
  5. Relax shoulders
  6. Get up and move every half hour to an hour for a couple of minutes

Products to Improve Sitting Posture

If your work/home/school isn’t set up with the proper furniture/tools, below are some tips to help make your space more work-friendly:

  • Utilize a lumbar roll or simply roll up a bath towel and place in the small of your back if your chair does not have lumbar support or it does not completely align to the curves in your back. Not only can you use this when sitting at work/school, but you can also use while driving to maintain good posture throughout your day.
  • Adjust your computer screen or laptop as close to eye level as possible, stack up a couple of books or purchase a book/laptop stand that will help you keep your screen at eye level and prevent from overstraining at your neck. Portable book/laptop stands are available and can be useful to students on the go between classes and study breaks!
  • If the height of your chair can’t be adjusted or you cannot lower your chair low enough because of your desk/table, utilize a small box or footrest at your feet to avoid crossing your feet or letting your feet dangle.
  • Adjust the chair armrests if possible, so your elbows remain at your side and forearm rests on the armrest.


As a final note, if you are experiencing discomfort when sitting at your desk feel free to contact us for more information regarding scheduling an evaluation with one of our therapists and as a friendly reminder, a prescription is no longer needed to start Physical Therapy.


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