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How Do I Start Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Recovery from the comfort of your own home!

1. Book an Appointment

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill our our online appointment request form. After contacting Goodlife Physical Therapy, you will receive an email from our front desk coordinator to schedule your first Telehealth visit. 

2. Get an Assessment

Your physical therapist will ask questions related to your pain or symptoms. They will analyze your mobility and function by performing a Therapy assessment. They’ll form a diagnosis and clearly explain your treatment plan.

3. Start Recovering

Your Physical Therapist will provide you with exercises and strategies for your recovery. You’ll learn what aggravates and relieves your symptoms and you will be given specific program tailored for your condition. You will also be given a home exercise reference and ability to follow-up as need with your therapist.

In efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we will not be collecting copays, deductibles and coinsurance (out of pocket expenses) from patients using TELEHEALTH Physical Therapy Services

We are pleased to now provide Telehealth Physical Therapy appointments to the all communities in Illinois!

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Pritzker has loosened restrictions for Physical Therapy Telehealth access in Illinois. CMS has also altered their policy allowing for medicare patients to qualify for Physical Therapy E-visits. 

Our experienced clinicians, at Goodlife PT, will perform thorough multi-system exam and physcial movement assessment to identify the root of your pain and limitations. We utilize a HIPAA compliant and encrypted video-conferencing software to complete your 1-on-1 Telehealth Physical Therapy appointment.

With Telehealth Physical Therapy you can complete regular at home reassessments in order to ensure your therapy interventions are progressing as expected and with optimal results.

Begin your PT journey from the comfort of your home today!

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Telehealth Physical Therapy FAQ


Telehealth Physical Therapy is a specific form Physical Therapy completed using live video-conferencing software.

Telehealth Physical Therapy allows a physical therapist to assess and evaluate a patient virtually in real time, it can be completed in the comfort of your home using your computer or phone.

The physical therapist will determine specific therapy therapy exercises to alleviate your symptoms using video conferencing. You will also be able to speak directly with your therapist to determine a treatment plan and ask questions related to your condition.


Currently, Telehealth Physical Therapy is covered via Governor mandate for all private insurances in Illinois. The Governor has mandated that health insurers shall not impose any cost sharing (copayments, deductibles or coinsurance for Telehealth Services provided by in network providers).

CMS has approved virtual “e-visit” appointments for Medicare patients that will be covered using Medicare benefits.

This means that Telehealth PT is an affordable and covered service via insurance and Medicare. Currently, no additional cost should be assumed by the patient for this type of service – including cost of deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurances.


Our Physical Therapists will utilize a live video conference service called ZOOM to connect with you via your computer or phone. ZOOM is a HIPAA compliant and encrypted video platform.

The physical therapist will first perform a medical screening to ensure there are no red flags conditions related to your symptoms. Next, in real time, they will assess and examine your response to a physical movement screening and will determine which therapy exercises will alleviate your symptoms. You will have the ability to speak directly with your therapist as if they were in the same room as you.

Telehealth PT appointment duration averages between 30-45 minutes and are usually scheduled 1-2 times per week.


There are some similarities and differences between Telehealth Physical Therapy and Traditional Physical Therapy.

One difference between Telehealth PT and Traditional PT is that Telehealth PT can be conducted from the comfort of your own home using a live video conference.

One similarity is that you are assessed by the physical therapist in the same manner that you would in our clinic or online. The physical therapist will perform a medical screening and physical assessment for movement quality and your response to movements. In both cases, your physical therapist will determine which movements or exercises will best help reduce or eliminate your pain.

With live video conferencing your physical therapist will be able to observe and adjust your movements in real time, just like they would in the clinic. In both cases, you will receive a treatment plan and home exercises to complete to continue your improvements in between your therapy sessions.


Telehealth Physical Therapy Services can benefit a majority of patients. If you are currently struggling with painful movement restrictions or symptoms limiting your functional activities, Telehealth Physical Therapy can help you.

Telehealth Physical Therapy will start the examination process to determine your response to movements and select which exercises can be beneficial for your condition. Your therapist will develop a treatment plan to help reduce and alleviate your pain or symptoms in the comfort of your home.

If you require additional hands-on Physical Therapy, we will schedule you at our GoodLife Physical Therapy clinic for ongoing treatment.


Signing up is simple and easy. To sign up for Telehealth Physical Therapy please email or fill out our appointment request form. 

After contacting Goodlife Physical Therapy, you will receive an email from our front desk coordinator to schedule your first Telehealth visit. This email will explain further details regarding your Telehealth visit appointment time and what to expect during your first visit.


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