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Patient Stories

Here are some REAL stories from our happy clients. If you have related symptoms to one of our clients, give us a call at 708.966.4386

Holly’s Improvements

We really enjoyed working with Holly and watching her improve each visit.

“Prior to Goodlife I was unable to lean or tilt my head back than a “smidge” . Now I can tilt my head back pain free with greater range.
Initially I was unable to lift my left arm much higher then my waist and now I’m able to fully extend my arm above my head with little to no pain.
Everyone I worked with was attentive to my concerns and complaints with my arm & neck. I have been given many excersies to continue my therapy on my own that I know will benefit my sustained range of motion. Goodlife was always accommodating to my “flexible” schedule. Goodlife was highly recommend to me and I have since recommended to a good friend who, too, had a great experience.”



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James’s Achilles

We really enjoyed working with James and glad he is back on his feet again!

“My Achilles was extremely tender, so much so it would wake me up several times during the night. Marty and Steven put me through a series of exercises and stretches to help strengthen the Achilles. They helped me understand that the problem was from overuse and not to over do the workout. Sometimes Less is More! I’m now able to raise my heel (put all my weight on one foot and raise my heel off the ground 20 reps or more!) When I first came in, I wasn’t able to do any. My Achilles isn’t perfect-But hopefully I will get there. I’m leaving with confidence and knowledge, thanks to Marty and Steven. And they stayed with me the entire session-All 18 of them!”



Laima Overcoming Vertigo

When Laima came to PT she was she suffering from vertigo and spinning sensations whenever she rolled or moved around in bed. We used Canalith Repositioning maneuvers to treat and abolish her dizziness. With therapy, she was even abe to get rid of her cane!

“I came in with vertigo problems. After 2 visits the problem subsided, I needed to work on my balance and strengthen my legs since I had been hospitalized for 2 weeks before. This was accomplished with the guidance of my very competent PT, Steven”



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Samantha’s Return to Football

We really enjoyed working with Samantha. Our physical therapists helped get her back to playing her favorite sport, Football! You go girl!

“I had a wonderful experience here. Everyone was so helpful. The staff made me feel very welcomed. Marty and Steven were so awesome! They made me feel confident and welcomed. Steven made sure that I was confident and ready to return back to Football. Thank you for taking the time to correct minor adjustments that will allow me to be even greater than before!!”



George’s Physical Therapy

Thank you so much George for choosing us to help you! It is a wonderful pleasure to treat you for your PT needs. Thank you for sharing your story!

“Physical Therapy has bought back my strength and mobility in such a short time after my ACL surgery,maintain a controlled environment to improve my stability, utilizing a variety of exercises and techniques have expedited the healing process and made a multitude of task easier post surgery.

I would definitely tell a friend or family member who was considering Physical Therapy to take a look into it, if you feel that therapy can improve potential pain or mobility issues. Talented physical therapist can develop a proper plan of therapy care to suit your needs at Goodlife Physical Therapy. I am pleased with the rate of progress I have made in my mobility, stability and healing”