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Continue your golf activities injury free at Goodlife Physical Therapy

Are Golf Injuries Common? 

Golf injuries are not rare and can be very common. A collection of statistics from show that back injuries are the most common golf injuries (15%-34%), followed by injuries to the elbow (7%-27%), shoulder (4%-19%) and wrist (10%). It is also found that 16-41% of amateur golfers are injured each year. 

How do I get my Swing pain free?


Do you struggle to complete a round of golf due to nagging injuires?

Do you experience aches and pains following a round of golf?

Have you had an injury or surgery that seems to be limiting swing?

Do you want to gain flexibility and strength to improve your swing (and your scores)?

If your answer to any of these questions is ”Yes”, then the TPI Golf Screening Assessment is for you!

TPI GOLF assessment includes:

At Goodlife Physical Therapy, we offer Titleist Performance Institute Golf Physical Assessments that are designed to improve your Body-Swing Connection™. Our goal is to assist your recovery from Golf-specific injuries or address any physical limitations which are causing specific swing characteristics and hindering your golf swing.

Services Include:

  • Physical Movement Assessment
  • Video Golf Movement Swing Analysis
  • Personalized Mobility Program
  • Body-Swing Connection™ Training
  • Hip and Trunk Stability and Power Training
  • Soft Tissue Release and Recovery


Meet the Specialist

Dale Schuit, PT,PhD, MS

Currently, I specialize in Golf centered rehabilitation. I have earned and maintained a Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, and my current PT practice is solely directed to conducting golf performance movement examinations. My passion is providing exercise recommendations to allow patients to return to golf and stay in the game. I have been a physical therapist for 40 years, and an academic Professor of Physical Therapy for 35 years. My academic and clinical expertise are in the areas of spinal and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Golf Rehabiliation is the perfect fit I believe my passion for golf and my expertise as a PT make golf rehabilitation 

TPI GOLF assessment packages:

TPI Evaluation: $125

  • One-on-one Golf Physical/Movement Assessment
  • Initial Golf Swing Video Analysis
  • Personalized Mobility Program
  • Development of Specialized Trunk and Hip Stability Program

TPI Follow-up Session: $95

  • Golf Mobility Training and Stretching
  • Swing Power and Stability Training
  • Muscle and Joint Flexibility
  • Manual Soft Tissue Release


    Special package pricing available when you book your evaluation and follow-up session together. Call us at 708-966-4386 for more details. 

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